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whisperedgalaxies asked: Re: Swearing in America We don't have the most variation in our swearing, whereas a lot of other languages have swears that capture more levels of intensity that just doesn't translate. The interesting thing about "fuck" though is it is just so flexible (in american dialects). You can use it as nearly every part of speech. As a result, however, we don't use much else. As a reader from America, the use of swears in American Gods sounded very natural to me. -A linguistics major




I agree. The glory of fuck is all the things you can do with it and all the things it can do. It’s an unbefuckinglievably useful swear word (used just there as an expletive infixation). 

Except that “unbefuckinglievably” is actually is actually a really unusual form of that particular infix—to such an extent, that most English speakers would think it was wrong if they heard it said out loud.  The version usually heard is “unfuckingbelievably.”  There are a bunch of theories why this is (morpheme boundaries, prosody, stress patterns), but whatever rule it follows does seem to actually be pretty strict.

Seriously.  Say the first out loud.  It just doesn’t work.

Well, lots of people use it. Here are the Wiktionary citations for Unbefuckinglievable and its variants. 

Fuck, I love the internet sometimes. Goodnight.

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Guess who has 500 followers?!?!

Thank you so much to everyone who has followed me, I love this little booklr community; you’re all great. To celebrate all of my wonderful followers I am doing a 500 follower giveaway!!

  • Because this is a celebration of all my followers you must be following me to take part in the giveaway
  • You can reblog this multiple times but please don’t annoy your followers ;) likes also count as an entry
  • The winner wins one of the above books (these books are some of my favourite reads from 2014). You choose which one you want and they will all be paperback where available.Where there is a series you can choose whichever book you want from that series.
  • This giveaway is international as I will be using Amazon.
  • The giveaway ends the 1st November 7:30pm GMT and a winner will be picked at random using a random number generator.

Good Luck! and thank you all so much :)

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